Story Time With Dan

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Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I shall begin…

A few years back, before I was mega successful (lol), I was a strip club manager. A properly broke strip club manager too.

Now you might think that’s a cool job. It’s not. It’s a crappy job.


One night I ended up dressed in bin bags (it was a makeshift ‘bio-hazard’ suit) up to my knees in ACTUAL crap. Yours truly was clearing out a blocked tank known as a ‘macerator’ that was full of, well, crap. (Have I said “crap” enough yet? Lol)


Because it needed doing and no one else would do it.

Sure, we could have waited til the morning and got a plumber in to do it


If it didn’t get done RIGHT NOW, the club was shut for the night.

And if it was shut for the night?

The dancers, the bouncers, the bar staff, me – basically everyone

Wouldn’t have got paid

Not a penny

And that couldn’t happen

We all NEEDED the money

So, I did it.

Not my best ever night.

And while I was wading around in other peoples used dinner, I started to question my life choices


I was about one turd away from walking out and saying “fuck it”

But I couldn’t. And I didn’t.

You see, at that particular moment in my life?

I was skint, like, my Mum and Dad were sending me food vouchers skint

I needed this job

Anyway – I eventually cleared the blockage, climbed out of the tank, binned the bio suit and got myself cleaned up.

When something unexpected happened.

Something I will never forget

One of the dancers strolled over to me and pressed a £10 note into my hand and said “Thanks Dan”.

And that “Thanks” meant more to me than my wages for the night.

See, the thing that makes me happy more than anything?

Is helping people

Helping people achieve things they can’t by themselves

Helping people get out of their own way and “do the thing”

It’s just what I do and it’s what brings me joy

Anyway, back to the story

That £10 note?

I’ve still got it

In fact, it’s on my ‘wall of weirdness’/library thats behind me as I type this.

Like I said – at the time?

I was skint



I was, essentially, a poor

Every night before work I’d hang around round the back of pret waiting for them to bin the sandwiches they hadn’t sold just so I could have something to eat

So 10 quid at that point?

Was massive

Could have made a real difference for me for a few days, It could have fed me for a few days.

But I decided there and then

“Fuck That”.

That £10 note was the last handout I’d ever take, if I ever needed to spend that, it was game over.

I’d forget any dreams of “making it” and go and get a 9-5 and live my worst life.

So I didn’t spend it, I used it as a reminder that however tough things got, I wasn’t up to my armpits in someone else’s shit, and cracked the fuck on.

And it was that day that drove me to do all the things I’ve talked about the last few days

All the things I’ve achieved? All the times I’ve pushed myself beyond what was sensible?

All because I was never gonna let myself get back in a tank of shit.

Since then? Again without sounding like a show off?

I’ve learned a lot


I’ve helped a lot of people

And a couple of years ago I was reflecting on the journey.

All the things I’d learned, the mistakes I’d made

And I realised I wanted to build my ‘signature system’

I wanted to bring EVERYTHING I’ve learned together so it can help AS MANY people as possible

So that’s what I did

I built the “How To Be Fucking Awesome System”

And it brings together pretty much everything I know about business and life

Things like:

social media
tribe building
content marketing
branding and positioning
product creation
creating a recurring revenue stream/membership sites
overcoming procrastination and overwhelm
growing a team
systems and structure
balancing the 4 pillars (health/wealth/productivity/connectivity)

I told you I learned a lot eh?

It brings together the best of what I know

Shit that works

Shit that doesn’t

And I left NOTHING out.

Over the years I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into my education and more importantly, I’ve spent 7 years actually DOING this stuff
Turning up day in and day out to GET SHIT DONE

And it’s all in this course


It’s the nuts even if I do say so myself!

Now, this hasn’t been on sale for about 18 months, but later on this week we are opening it up again so that you can (if you want to) benefit from the stuff I’ve picked up since “macerator day”

Wanna know more?

Good, coz I’ve plenty to tell you this week, right here.



P.S. When The HTBFA system was last available – it turned out to be our most popular “thing” ever – So keep your eyes peeled over the next few days.


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