3 May

Take The Rough With The Smooth

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Oncewhen I was speaking with Justin Devonshire,who on a call with a client of his, discussed the harsh reality of what we do as entrepreneurs.
We have some very experienced people here the Coffee with DanFacebook group and equally some very new and ‘green’ folks to this world.
It is NOT for everyone.
You see all the books, the courses, the digital ‘high fives’ from those who are making it work.
But we hear less from those who it isn’t.
It’s all too easy to look at people who are already making it, and even though you hear their back-stories, the struggles they have gone through to get where they are now.
When you have no money to pay the bills, you spend every second of your day wonderingwhere the next paycheckwill come from, paralysed by fear and you feel like giving up?
Where do you turn?
Do you know what it actually takes to achieve what you are looking to achieve?
Do you have the support, the drive, the ability to willingly sacrifice time, effort, energy?
Saw an article the other day about suicide rates in entrepreneurs.
It’s high…
It’s such a brutally lonely and tough journey at times and the higher up you get…
The lonelier it is.
I can’t stand when I see people slagging off those who give people shit who have jobs.
I miss having a job at times.
There is a lot to be said to being around people, routine, working towards one goal, being able to switch off when you get home.
When you decide to put your hand up and say ‘I’m going to do it my way’ no one prepares you for what it’s going to be like.
And-which is more insane-you end up spending so much time in your head that you create scenarios and ‘stuff’ that half the time never happens.
Not too sure what my thoughts were behind this tip, or why I wrote it to be honest -just felt like sharing.
There’s nothing wrong with choosing to ‘settle’or going ‘all in’.
Just like in anything in life,for all the smooth, you have the rough to deal with too.
Now,there are times that ALL of us feel like the weight of the world is crushing us down to the point where no matter what you do, there is no way out, no end, no hope.
It sucks foetid donkey dick!
Andwhen you are in that ‘place’,you can sometimes feel that it’snever going to end.
Let me give you a tip.
It does.
Problems are just that.
We have been gifted with an amazing mind that can overcome all manner of obstacles, but it’salso a bastard as it spins thoughts into scenarios and situations that often don’t happen -but when you are in them,you can be paralysed by fear.
So, my advice to you -if you EVER feel like it -DON’T feel that you have to suffer.
You are your own boss, it’syour life -if you NEED to get away, fucking get away!
I would advise letting only those who might really need you have your mobile number.
Delete ALL your social apps (you can always reinstall them later).
Be a selfish prick -if you want to stay in bed all day until 6pm watching science fiction films and ignore the world (as I did).
You have every right to.
Equally, having someone ‘in your corner’ is very useful. I have LONG said that us entrepreneurial folks suffer in the old noggin quite a bit, I am fortunate to have two ‘go to’ people namely Edi Tsang and Mark Whitehand.
And if anyone tells you that you are weak, a pussy, ‘mental’ or weird…
Tell them to go fuck themselves.
Like no lube, no spit.
You simply don’t need those people in your world.
So I havesimple little check list that makes this a little more ‘spit heavy’:
. make friends with people-not hard, connect, have genuine conversations, get to knowone another

. give before you ask…
Want someone to do something for you..?
Well do something for them first…
DON’T expect them to repay the favour, but offering to help, give your time, introduce them to someone, or ‘hook them up’ always is a good place to start…
. value THEIR time and expertise
if they are really good at something, it will haveprobably cost them a fair bit of time and money to get there…
think about what you are going to say before you say it-alittle bit of tact goes a long way…
. pay them…
If I have invested in someone, I feel a lot more comfortable asking for some help.
The people in my platinum group, my private clients, Espresso with Danpeeps and anyone who has paid for my time get FIRST priority…
Why? Because it’sthe right thing to do.
So next time you are looking for a cheeky leg up, an intro, or something that’sjust out of your grasp?
A little bit of saliva goes a long way….

Dan Meredith

Wirte, Blogger, Entrepreneur.

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