26 Jul

The Fear of Being Not Good Enough

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Do you ever feel like this?

Are you constantly looking at your posts and worried that you aren’t getting enough comments and likes?

Worried that what you post or email is going to ‘expose’ you somehow as a fraud or fake (even though you know your shit)?

Do you see people who you know aren’t as talented/skilled as you do better than you and it hammers you down?

Is there a constant fear that you simply aren’t good enough?!

Let me tell you something

EVERYONE feels like this at times, ESPECIALLY Entrepreneurs…

Fuck even I do, probably more often than you think!

I’m constantly trying to improve or better myself; as well as what I offer

When you start out it seems like everyone is better than you, and you look at people who are doing better than you and think

‘Fuck, I could never be like them’

Then you start to grow and things start to get better – you get traction and likes and sales

Good times

Shall I tell you what’s an absolute shit lord?

When you have been around for a little while

You’re no longer ‘new kid on the block’ (so you have lost that ‘bright shiny object’ side of things)

Yet you aren’t the ‘establishment’

You feel pressure to keep up with the new people who have entered your world, have to deal with the backstabbing and the gossip and people trying to bring you down…

(That last one is especially hard when it comes from people you trusted or once classed as friends…it happens)

…yet you haven’t quite made it to the point when your name and reputation can bring in the bacon day after day

Such is the world we have chosen

I would say it’s the curse of the entrepreneur to never feel like they are good enough…

Never satisfied…

Always wary of what’s going to ‘attack’ next…

It’s why I wanted to write this today

Most days?

I feel like I can crush pretty much anything (or, if needed, anyone)

But the downside of having what I have (a painfully good visual and emotional memory & hympomania combined, too long to explain here) is that I can’t unsee or unhear what I hear

Every single day I my mind whirrs; juggling the value I add, my competitors, my own inner monologue, some fucked up internal ‘rating’ against every single area of my life

It is – to be honest – both relentless and at times exhausting

It doesn’t stop

And after hitting high after high after high (epic new 121 client, getting my new book sorted, the amazing Free Shit Friday) – I thought

Fuck, what now?!

(And fortunately now sans vodka and with a Clear mind I can move this on fast, and I’ll share how I do it soon)

So if you are feeling like this?

Let me tell you this is fucking normal; I have been in a room when I was starting out with 6, 7 and even a few 8 figure earners

And over drinks and quiet conversations the self doubt and negative self talk is something all of us face

I wanted to share this here as many of you are stating out, and equally many you are valiantly trudging on in your journey

Yes it will be tough and yes there are times where you will doubt yourself, your worth and your ‘value’ to the world

I wanted to say you are not alone

I can teach you all social media skills, copywriting, sales, advertising – whatever

But if YOU don’t believe in yourself?

You’re fucked

I know this as there have been multiple times I have wanted to give up and if it weren’t for the support and belief of others…I likely would have

So yes use this group and its denizens to learn and skill up and connect and make money

But the power in this tribe is the fact you have TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU, to keep you going

Stay strong

You ARE good enough

You got this.


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