The GOAT Needs Me To Step Up

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It’s time I do what’s best for present me, so that I can best serve future you

In short, I’ve not been myself for a little while

Now I’m hardly the most ‘subtle’ person – but I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to see, feel, and KNOW this

I’ve built this small world, you’re a part of it whether a friend or follower or client or simply here for the infotainment

Hence this post today

You see, the word ‘authentic’ gets thrown around a lot but if I’m not going to walk my talk than what type of leader am I?

The TRUTH is I’m floating, kinda-robotically, through my days…

Trying to force creativity and productivity….

And this is becoming progressively harder as each day I’m faced seemingly with another brutal event that makes me face truth I am struggling to come to peace with…

Those of you that are in EWD or closer to me already know this; but my dad – aka the goat – is fighting (and he is fighting!) a losing battle

The picture above is myself and the 🐐 enjoying a sunset recently – and as much as I don’t want to face reality – I know we don’t have as many of these left as I would of hoped to…

He is (along with my mum) my hero and if you have followed me for even a short while you will know how much my family means to me

– this wasn’t something we were expecting to deal with after the all clear in January –


Dexter has always told me that you’ll discover your friends and truths in life when the world is ON TOP OF YOU…

(I learned this, the hard way, during my struggles with The Goose a few years back)

But this time I’m going to trust my team and Dex and do what – I believe – is the right thing to do

As Dex said to me:

‘You’ll never regret the time you spend with pops as you look back but it could be devastating if you don’t realize and act on it now’

Hence I’m going to step away from the day to day for a short while

I’m not going to force a smiley face anymore for the “sake of business” – It’s disengenuous and cheating you

Ultimately you chose to follow me, and I owe it to you not to waste your time

Yeah sure I can ‘limp’ along with recycled content, ‘engagement questions’ and nihilistic memes; but a new friend remarked the other day (after me telling them what I *actually* did) that they would ‘never of known that if you hadn’t told me’

Which makes what I’m doing make even more sense

Hence it now time to invest the time I have wisely NOW

Yes I’m aware I may lose a few £££’s doing this but I’ll gain so much more

And for transparency purposes so some fucker doesn’t try and ‘cancel’ me during a time like this:

Of course will spend every waking moment my father can handle – and that he wants – with him

Massaging his legs, watching sunsets, telling old stories, writing his book, watching ‘The Office’…

…but he sleeps a lot

And I need to stay sane for him – and future mum, sister, team, clients and y’all as well

– you can’t pour from en empty cup eh –

Hence time in between I’ll be online shooting zombies and digital fuckers…

I’ll be tearing it about with DucatiBAE…

Sometimes I’ll vanish off into the woods or the the seaside and just sit and think…

But what I won’t be forcing information upon you that is incongruent and quite frankly pulled out of my arse

So here is what you can expect from me and the team going forward.

First from me;

If you are in EWD you already know the plan; and if you want to get in touch privately outside of the DM’s email me with ‘EWD’ in the subject and I’ll get back to you

I’ll only be checking my emails three times per week but it gives us a bridge to one another and keeps me away from social media day to day

I will send a weekly UPDATE to everyone in my world sometime Thursday or Friday each week in CWD & on email

Not sure what this update will be; but once a week I’d like to share something of use from my journey that, I hope, you will find interesting

Usually I can knock this out in a simple setting, but for now I’ll say when the mood takes me/creativity hits?

I’ll create

Finally, on the days I’m feeling best self, I’ll pop in on here or wherever I fancy


Sometimes this will be a meme and other times a moment of clarity I want to share I think will be valuable

But nothing will be scheduled

(Equally if I don’t reply to a tag or DM please don’t be offended; I’ll do my best to get back to you soon as I can)

Next from the team;

Tega & Lianne-Carla have already stepped up and will continue to do so; they will be joining me every Thursday in EWD and will be taking over day to day duties in CWD

CarlChrisEmmaZak & Greg will be supporting them in this endeavour

(I am very lucky to have such amazing humans in my world)

Dex has agreed to step up and pool from his extensive knowledge in the VC world; if you are in EWD or CWD you do have some very useful stuff to look forward to

If its personal?

Then please speak to my assistant Sarah as she will be helping keeping me on track during what’s likely to be a challenging few months

(The above humans I trust implicitly and what has taken me the best part of 7 years of non-stop continues effort is safe in their hands)

I’m closing I want you to know that this will be temporary

Life goes on

But I want to be present while his energy and spirits are high and while he is fighting like a mofo; I also have to do what I have to do to keep going myself

I won’t apologize

Neither will I ask for sympathy

Myself and my family have loved sharing our lives with you but this one, this one is for us alone

I’ll simply say I’ll be back consistently as MY FULL SELF soon, I just simply don’t know when that may be

I’m hoping for many, many months but it’s better to plan for the worse and hope for the best; and this way I can be around whenever I’m needed and won’t ruin our – as in mine and yours – online ‘relationship’ with a less-than-Dan

I just can’t churn out content when my hearts not in it; I’ve seen people do it too often and ruin what they have created

I owe it to you to be honest

This post might seem a bit overkill but this is going to be my ‘statement’ should anyone question where I have gone or what I am doing for the next period of my life

– for once I am, I think, being smart –


Meantime I’ll step aside day to day and let the great team I surround myself help those of you in my worlds

My legacy will be in how I lived not in what I say; I would hope each of you would do the same should life serve you up the same shitty circumstance

I’ll still be here most days watching and reading your posts while everyone rests in the small hours, and I’ll be smiling when I see you all sharing wins and helping one another – while having a giggle doing it- which is all I’ve ever wanted tbh

I’ll come back stronger than ever ready to step up and lead as never before

But for now?

I’m out

The GOAT needs me to step up for the family
so step up I will…

Thank you for being a part of my world, I appreciate you more than you know

See you soon



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