23 Aug

The Hack To Reputation Management

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PRO-TIP about ‘reputation management’ & would you like to be on my ‘go to’ list of experts?

One thing you need to grasp is reputation, especially online – is something you need to manage carefully as it can be lost in a heartbeat

(Such as a strategy call which is a disguised bullying sales pitch, stealing someone’s content and sayings it’s your own and putting In a private group and or simply taking the money and fucking off – all of those have heard of in last 4-8 weeks)

Today and a few days ago, two people started working with friends of mine – I politely (and non publicly) let them know that these folks aren’t the real deal as any good friend would

The funny thing?

Multiple people had said the same things about them (two different people I might add)

Look, we all fuck up – and there are always, ALWAYS people that are never going to be happy no matter what you do

Have I fucked up?


Have I done what I can to make amends and fix things? As much as I can – yes

I know sometimes people take on work or a project solely because they need the money and times are tough

Many of us have done his when we had to

And I am aware of people doing something dodgy once – and they probably get away with it

^^ i don’t advise this I might add

But more than once and PEOPLE DO TALK

Offers of coaching suddenly dry up…

Skype calls and catch ups get ignored/”sorry I’m just snowed under tight now”…

You are not longer tagged in updates…

People slowly but surely distance themselves from you…

It’s cruel, but it’s also human nature – we want to move away from poisonous people and towards people that add value to heir life

I’m a little but fucked (Thailand tummy got me – if it’s not a thing it is now!) so a little low energy and needing all the sales

I was a headhunter and one of the best (really, I have stats still) and recruitment and team building game – as well as my ability to network – is obscene


So My question? (well 2)

1) as someone who can do something (copy, coaching, FB ads, web dev, sales, mindset – whatever) would you be interested in being on a list, curated by me, that I could send all the leads (I average 2/3 requests a day for ‘good people’ and farm out between $20-50k/MONTH of work)

2) as someone that hires people like those
Above, would you like to have access to people who can ‘do the job?’

Thinking modest (purely admin) fee, mixture of profiling tests (kolbe, strengths finder, etc) with reviews and testimonials – curated, not a huge list and with $$ ranges from low to high per category

Of interest?

Was a thought on the flight and wanted to get it out of my head while I still remember!

Let me know below – as always enough interest will make it a thing etc…


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