3 Jan

The Power of the Day Room

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(The ‘casual lovers’ tip to get more clear, get productive and get more shit DONE….and blag a bargain to boot)

So yesterday I said that I would show you how (when I need to, I do this every 2-4 months it seems) I get:

– clear

– focused

– productive

– happy

– £££

Some of you may know that you can do this – and there IS more to this than asking (which I’ll come to, I have a ‘system’)

But did you know you can book a hotel from 9-5, for a FRACTION of the cost – generally I get them around £60 I find – use ALL the facilities AND have a nap too

Yep, you can

This shit works like stink as change location = change state


If you do it like I do? Tends to work really rather well

This is what I do

1. Make a list of hotels in the commutable area and hit the phones (don’t email)

I then call them up, generally around 10am as the AM rush is gone and ask them what their rack rate is for a day room

If the person doesn’t know what it is? Ask to speak to a supervisor I’ve YET too find one that wont offer me one

Premise being its better to have SOME money than NONE – aka an empty room

– and as I said earlier don’t ask how I found out about this –

#ihavesomequestionableexes haha

2. Get your supplies in beforehand

As you can see, I have a few things with me

I ALWAYS get a new notepad and pens when I do this

There’s something about a ‘fresh start’ when the mind is muddled

I also always have:

– fiction book

– biz/marketing/entrepreneur book

– personal/self development book

3.Get dirty

Go though the books, highlight the chapters that resonate with you – read them – take notes

Do NOT be precious about it

Yes you are fucking up a few books but we are looking for huge clarity and new ideas here so let your mind run free

Take note of ideas that resonate with you and write them down

Spend an hour or two doing this

4. Nap


Every time I do this process, when I wake up – generally within a minute or so of waking – I get an answer I need/clarity/a great musing

Your subconscious is smarter than you

Close down your ‘tabs’ (your non stop chattering monkey mind!) and let it do its ting

5. Queue it up

I LIVE by queue cards

Once I have done all the above I have a double espresso, put on some looped music (usally one song that gets me amped AF) and I just rattle the fuck out of the cards

I write idea after idea

Hook after hook

Thought after thought

If I get stuck?

I pace around the room, do some press ups, dance around like a loon (Dont I Sarah) – anything to get the blood pumping

Then I read my notes from earlier the day and start again with the cards

The secret is NOT being perfect

That’s for TOMORROW you

Get whats in your head, OUT – and tomorrow go through the cards with a more ‘rational’ mind

Use the 3/5 system (with the 1-2-3 ranking as per HTBFA) and then plug it into your diary

Et voila

New ideas


Less fuzzy head

New revenue ideas


This is like a brain dump but more furious and less ‘neat’ if that makes any sense

And, well, of your smart…

6. Be charming (it gets you far)

Take your time to talk to the staff, ask to thank the manager, be a kind/genial/charming human

It gets you UPGRADES

Its – as a rule – NO skin of their nose to give you a better room

This room has:

– a fucking amazon rainforest as a shower

– a sick coffee machine

– a balcony

– a table football game

– a PS4 and Wii

It cost me the grand total of?

Le zero


I made an effort to have a GENUINE conversation – aka took a fucking interest – and asked if they had any upgrades

(And if you fancy a naughty night out, you can often get overnight for bargain as if its not booked – why not?)

The above sounds SO simple doesn’t it?

But it WORKS

It works so so so well its ridiculous

Oh and if I was you, find one with a sweet spa – there’s something gloriously indulgent about smashing in a load of work and then soaking your bones as a reward

(That and I 100% LOVE tarting around in a robe. Robe life is sexy AF)


I don get to go to the spa or have a nice food if I don’t do the work

That’s it

I’m VERY hard on myself

You HAVE to exert some discipline in your life and if you want to get ahead

Do the work?

Get a reward


Then you don’t


Notifications OFF – on everything

Family need to get in touch? Give em your room number when you check in

That’s what the key is to making this work

Like everything in life eh?


And that’s it, what do you think – would you be willing to give it a go?

If you have anything you want to add to it? Then I’m welcome for any other tips you have for achieving:

– clarity

– productivity

– new biz ideas

– fun



Most wont do it

^^^ but those that do and stick to the outline above?

WILL get ahead and feel light as a balls after

(I always do)

And seeing as I’m feeling generous, if you feel you need a day like the above?

Let me know WHY below

If I see someone deserving?

My treat….


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