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My Top 10 Books For Entrepreneurs

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Top 10 Books

Below are my top-10 Books That Took Me From Worker Bee…To Worldwide Entrepreneurial Freedom

So, without further a do:

Be a Free Range Human – Marianne Cantwell

This was the book that started it all. I went to stay with a friend (who herself had escaped a brutal 80+ hour work week, to set up as a coach abroad) and she gave it me as gift.

This is perhaps one of the most important books as it made me realize that my brutal schedule working for someone else (and making them rich) was what I no longer wanted to do. I had been conditioned to work hard, progress up the ranks and play by the rules.

This showed me there was another way, and gave me the seed to start my own growth

The 4-hour Work Week – Tim Ferris

Now don’t get me wrong, I know people who are ‘in the know’ and the idea of the 4 hour work week is a little bit of a myth.

But what it IS, is a book that at its core teaches you the power of outsourcing, and getting others who have skills you don’t (or simply don’t want to do) to do it for you. This has inspired me to set up multiple businesses where I simply do the things IM good at.

Anything I’m not good at?

I pay someone else to do that.

This was THE key to the explosive growth I was able to achieve in 2014 – the power of paying others to do what I don’t want to do.

Little tip? Start with a Personal Assistant or Virtual Assistant. Like now. Seriously

Key Person of Influence – Daniel Priestley

As someone who had spent a lot of his career behind the face of a business, as a #2 – I realised after reading this book unless I stepped up to the plate – and was prepared for the good (and the bad ) of being the ‘face’ of the business?

I was never going to get anywhere.

Taught in an amazingly simple style (with the 5 ‘P’s method of becoming a key person of influence). It taught me that I DIDN’T need hundred of thousands of people to have in my audience – just a core group of bad bastards who loved what I did, and wanted to follow in my path.

Given away over 100 of these book personally (to every coaching client) that’s how useful it is to an entrepreneur.

Ready, Aim, Fire! – Michael Masterson

Finally a book that I could ‘get’ when it came to business.

Coming from a corporate background – where everything had to go through layers of management, red tape, and tedium – this was a breath of fresh air.

Get the idea, get the basics down – and then screw it – get it OUT THERE!

I base all of my business principles now on this methodology, and my team know that this is the case, and they have been built around ME to support the madness… ha.

F*ck It! – John. C. Parkin

Not a particularly religious or spiritual person, when I was given this (written by an Anglican preacher) I was a little bit skeptical.

However teaching the concept of letting go, finding freedom and truly not giving a fu*k (which is something I had given FAR too much of. A f*ck that is!).

Really did help me become the Dan I am now: Free of f*cks 🙂

The Ultimate Sales Machine – Chet Holmes

I am a HUGE believer in that if you can sell, you will NEVER go hungry.

The ability to sell oneself (and service, products, etc) is perhaps one of THE most useful skills anyone could learn, yet so many people think sales is a dirty word?

Every persuaded someone to do something to go see a film when they didn’t want to?

Or go out with you?

Then you can sell!

This book not only gives you a selection of brilliant (and simple tactics) that anyone can use, but also delves into the psychology of sales, staffing, business growth, targets (amd a big fan of the ‘Hit List 100’) – you name it.

Buy it, implement what Chet says and thank me when you have money to burn!

The 12 Week Year – Brian Moran

Read this on a short plan flight when I was crisscrossing the U.S. trying to build a business with just one bag (and a increasingly more melted credit card…).

As someone who doesn’t have the best attention span, the idea of doing something for evena year (let alone those folks who have 3 or even 5 year business plan) fills me with dread.

The concept is simple with the 12-week year:

‘what if you ONLY had 12 weeks to do EVERYTHING for your business’

Well, its safe to say you would get shit done considerably quicker. Talk about focusing the mind!

Yes there is more to it than that (with structured time blocks, accountability partners and reporting) but I urge you to give it a try – it works.

Also as a side point, it has let to my ‘blast and cruise’ method of launching new businesses.

Its fun.

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

I once found myself at a very, very prestigious invite only dinner with some of the world’s most successful and well-known marketers and entrepreneurs.

To say, at the time, I felt out of my depth – was an understatement.

One of the guys at dinner recognized my obvious discomfort and not only took time out to speak to me, but recommended I buy this book. I not only did that as soon as I got back tot hotel room, but read it until 3am (with slightly ‘whisky’ based eyes – It got read again the next day)

The whole concept is about the fact that we (not other people) are our biggest obstacle and how we create what the author calls ‘resistance’ to achieving greatness in your life…

Whether its business, creative pursuits or anything else – this book was there for me when I didn’t feel worthy/good enough.

Changed how I think completely, and re-read this oen every time the little voice of self-doubt comes to the forefront – then afterwards I kick it in the teeth!

Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk

Yeah I know:

‘Just watch the film’

Well, the film (I wont lie) inspired me to get the book. This book spoke to me on a deeper level than almost everything I have ever read.

I am not – it turns out – a big fan of systems, being the same as everyone else and above all being told what to do.

If you have seen the film, and watch the very end? That’s kinda how I feel a lot of the time. I want to tear it all down, and rebuild it better than possible.

Really, this book made me want to not confirm, and inspired me to seek my OWN path and make a difference.

What To Do When Its Your Turn – Seth Godin

Now this book was given to me by a man who carried it 2000+ miles to give it to me – in person – as he believed I was destined for bigger & better things…

And at the time? I didn’t think that at all.

Yet again, this was read on a flight and when I stepped off I was a different man.

Sounds cheesy (and might whiff a little bit of B.S. I know), but honestly no book as really hit home as hard as this one.

The premise is simple – no one is going to do it for you. It outlines how not only is there opportunity at every turn – but there has been no better time in human existence than now to step up…

Take YOUR turn…

And make a difference.

But NO ONE is going to do it for you. You have to put your hand up, and take it for yourself.

So I did.

Which is why you are reading this now

Well that’s it from me, I hope you take a leap of faith and buy all these books (as PHYSICAL books, not eBooks – Ill explain why one day). I hoep they help you experience the freedom that I have.

Good luck!


PS would LOVE (really) to hear what book have changed YOUR life too 🙂

Tega D

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