30 Sep

Two Methods I’ve Used To Change My Life

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Two simple methods I’ve used to change my life; and how YOU can use them to change yours

There’s a question I get asked all the time

‘Aren’t you worried about about dying?’

(and that’s really asked not internet BS post ‘people always ask me’ blah blah fuck off lol)

My hobbies include motorbikes and jet skiing; the ones I have are massively overpowered and ridiculous fast

I plan to add free-fall skydiving (the goal is wingsuit), drag racing and paragliding in 2019/2020

Nothing much scares me

I don’t fear death in the slightest anymore

And as a result I feel a peace that I’ve struggled to find since a young lad

Let’s face it we all have the thoughts where we thing ‘no one thinks like me’

We all question our choices and past and run the ‘what if’ scenario generator in our minds

Ya know what?

Soon as I STOPPED that – I started growing

I started enjoying life

I started LIVING

If you spend your life over analysing, constantly worrying or in fear you are using up a fuck tonne of mental energy that COULD be used to create the life/business/body/relationship you want

Instead of squandering away the most precious resource you have – your time – on shit that does nothing for you

There’s two zones that you need to, IMO, move towards

Most folks?

In the what it zone

I would advise, depending on your tolerance to risk, moving towards the ‘fuck it’ or ‘plan it/do it’ zones that I spoke about in CWD earlier

The ‘fuck it’ zone?

That’s my happy place

If I allow myself to think too much I simply talk myself out of it


1. Get an idea
2. Act on it

Generally go with gut feeling and majority of the time it works out

Sometimes it doesn’t and fucks up spectacularly

But mostly awesome

This is good for the procrastinators amongst you

You don’t nee another plan/blueprint/course/coaching call you simply need to fucking ACT

The ‘do it’ zone is better for the overwhelmed amongst you

Y’all gonna need a bit of time to not stress yourself out; get a plan that doesn’t overwhelmed you together that ISNT perfect but DOESNT stress you out

Doing something daily that moves the needle is you’re bag

Stop trying to plan EVERYTHING

Get an idea
Get a basic plan/framework
Do stuff
Adjust workload up/down as needed

Ultimately both work and you DO need to work to achieve better things and stuff and businesses and lives and bodies

– nothing good comes easy –

But as soon as you stop worrying about what could happen and just start fucking living and doing and enjoying the journey and NOT the destination?

You will be amazed at how (relatively) quickly things change for the better


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