4 May

Valuable AF Post# 2 of 7

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Get out out and get it everywhere…

As promised, I’m getting you some very useful content from my team as well as my mentees this week

⁃ Little bit of a break from hardCore Dan lol –

Today I’m handing you over to Carl who handles all things behind the scenes

He’s very talented but very awful about telling people how good he is

So I’m doing it

Today is all about content repurposing and ultimately being able to dominate your niche with your organic creations

(That sounds worse written but I’m leaving it because it amuses me…)

Anyways, over to the man himself:


Yo! Carl here.

Dan’s asked me to show you a bit of what I do, in a way you can action it yourself

So we’re on Content Repurposing & Syndication today

You can do a bit or all of it – it’s up to you and the time you have available plus the skills you’re willing to learn

Basically it’s about putting in the effort once and yielding multiple results, in this case content, across as many platforms as possible by leveraging it for all it’s worth

Organic Social Media is an eyeballs and earballs game – you want as many people to see your stuff as possible, as often as possible

Not many have the time to sit down and create multiple pieces of bespoke content for multiple platforms every day

Not many can create the illusion of ‘Being Everywhere’, to quote Dexter

But we’re going to have a crack at it

So – we start with a video

Technically you can start with written, but it’s much easier to start with video. If you go the written route, you have the risk of reading it out during the video and coming off like a script reading robot

Ideally I’d recommend starting with a Facebook Live, as FB loves to push those out for you – to the point of actually informing people you’ve gone live to push engagement asap

This is where most people stop – they do a live, and then down the feed it goes never to be seen again unless someone really goes digging

So, do your live. Use post it notes for points you want to cover, but use them as discussion points or you’ll run into the wooden script reader problem again

Engage with people, build relationships and authority that way by informing, entertaining and answering any questions – but keep it in the back of your head that to keep on track you could always answer all questions at the end rather than going off on a tangent halfway through

You can go live straight from your phone, or if you want to use your laptop/PC/Mac, I’d recommend using StreamYard – free plan is 20 hours of streaming a month, it’s easy to use, and it looks good

Use a good mic and webcam if you can, do without if you have to – the important thing is getting out there in front of people

About 10 minutes is good – YouTube rewards those who meet the 10 minute mark…

Once the Live is over, download it – from StreamYard if you can, from Facebook if not

Edit the video – this full version is going on YouTube and LinkedIn – I’d cut the crap out, sweeten the audio, fix the colour and add a branded intro/outro

So now you’ve covered 3 platforms by going live once

Since we’re talking about editing, while we’re in there, why not strip the audio and edit it into a podcast episode? No, it won’t be THE highest quality if you’ve just gone live from your phone, but we’re working with what’s easiest and consistently repeatable here after all

Again, up to you – you could edit the crap out, clean up the audio and add a beginning and end explaining what the episode is going to be about

Easiest way to get started with a podcast? Anchor. Create a profile, make a thumbnail in canva, upload your audio and let them do the submitting to different platforms for you

So far we have a Facebook Live, a YouTube video, a LinkedIn video and a Podcast episode – all from 10 minutes of livestreaming

Once you’re happy with that, get your video onto something like Zubtitle (This is what I use, MUCH less painful than broadcast type subtitles like most editing programs are built for)

Zubtitle will transcribe your videos audio and allow you to add that as subtitles, so that people can see what you’re saying even when their phone is muted (which most peoples will be when scrolling)

It will also let you reformat the video to be square – we want this. Then you’ve got room on the bottom for your subtitles, and space up top

You can add a headline kinda thing to the top of the video as well, to grab people’s attention (or if you’re like me, leave this bit until later and add a fancy animated timeliney title)

Now, with some planning, you can really get the most out of Zubtitle – you can get 10 videos transcribed for $19 a month for example (Downside is once again, the AI functionality meaning you’ll probably have to go through to check accuracy, not sure if they support SRT uploads if we already have one from Rev for example)

The max length is 20 minutes

So if the video is under that, we’re golden – upload it, get it transcribed (difference here and between otter/rev is that transcription for text and for subtitling is different, subtitles have to know when to be on screen) and then download the .SRT file as well

Upload that .SRT file to the YouTube video we did earlier (obviously, make sure the one you’re getting transcribed is the youtube version you uploaded, editing wise) Now your video has accurate, manual subtitles. YouTube likes that. (And tags, Short titles, Custom thumbnails etc)

Now, time to take some juicy chunks out of your live

Find some really good, short sections – 1 to 3 minutes ideally

(You’ll need to have some video editing software for this)

We’ll be using the Zubtitle square version we made earlier – ie already square, already subtitled! Meaning we’re making the most out of that Zubtitle subscription, chopping up the video AFTER it’s done some heavy lifting for us)

Grab those sections, export them as separate videos – add a new headline if can, to differentiate between videos

So let’s say we have 3 awesome snippet videos – we’ve now got these polished, subtitled, mobile optimised versions to share! (I say mobile optimised because square video takes up a lot more space on a mobile feed)

So you can put them on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook again, Twitter etc after your live, and grab those people who weren’t there for it, or re-engage those that were!

And then there’s stories

Zubtitle will let you change your video format to portrait so you can upload some quick subtitled stuff there as well, so even more Instagram and Facebook coverage

Want more video type content from that?

Audiograms – You get a nice quote from your audio, create an engaging image, and add an audio wave effect for your speech, and some subtitles to it – theres a service called Headliner for this that makes it nice and easy for you

Good for promoting that podcast episode we made earlier!

There is one more video type thing, but that ties into what’s to come below

What next? Well, what did you say during your live?

Apparently the average words spoken per minute is somewhere inbetween 130-150

For me, I’m a Yorkshire lad, so probably 100 xD

So during a 10 minute live we’re looking at probably 1500 words spoken

Ever heard of Rev.com? Otter.ai?

Upload your audio to them (Rev is $1.25 per minute, but humans do it, very accurately. Although they are now offering $0.25 per minute AI stuff. Otter gives you 600 FREE minutes per month, but is AI based and less accurate, ie you’ll spend a lot more time correcting it)

You’ll get a transcription of your video from that – this is DIFFERENT to the zubtitle thing, which is tied to the time of the video.

So, that’s a 1500 word blog post done for you – you can either clean it up and have it as a blog post, or add your youtube video embed and then include the transcription below so that people can choose how to consume it

Blog post on your website? May as well create a Medium account and upload it there as well – if paying members read it, you can even earn some money from that

Now dig into that transcription and find some nice short quotes

Use canva to create some engaging square images with the text on them

Facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, all good, might be worth trying on YouTube as well, because that’s now a thing. Google my business too, if you have one. You can upload images/video to that as updates, which you would hope the SEO gods may smile upon (I don’t know, but worth a try eh)

And then some portrait ones for more stories!

And that’s before we use that original blog post, cleaned up, as a written post with an engaging image on Facebook and Linkedin

Grab some 280 character quotes out of it and you’ve got some sweet tweets too

Got a nice quote but too long to fit on an image? Two options. Carousel post, or animated text video of it (Nice, quick, flashy, engaging, add branding etc) Or both, why not

If you want, you could use Powerpoint to make a little presentation about what you spoke about to use in pitches or as lead magnets

Then use those slides for Slideshare on LinkedIn too

And of course, if you’re putting stuff on Twitter & Instagram, use the right hashtags

The right tags on YouTube

Linkedin/Facebook…Use hashtags if that’s your thing?

So, from all of the above, starting with one 10 minute video, you could potentially have:

1 facebook live
1 linkedin video
1 instagram video
1 youtube video (subtitled)
1 podcast
1 blog post
1 medium article
3+ square, subtitled videos
3+ portrait videos for stories
3+ audiograms
??? Instagram text images
??? Facebook text images
??? Linkedin text images
1 Facebook written post
1 Linkedin written post
??? Tweets
??? Facebook Carousel posts
??? Instagram Carousel posts
??? Animated text videos
Pitchdeck/Leadmagnet/Slideshare content

I’m putting ??? because I have no idea what you personally can get out of each video – that’s on you and what you say during

In summary, you can get a lot out of one simple video

It comes down to thinking a bit differently, and effort

Hope this helps! 🙂



Back to Dan

Carl is a very clever little sausage, and should you wish to?

You can pay him money to do the a) things and b) stuff above

Contact here if of interest and let him know your from me, if that makes sense:



P.S. we are doing a training all about FB groups & online communities on Friday if you haven’t seen

Everything from growth to monetisation to engagement and creating them in the first place

If you are interested in coming along?

Head on on to the pinned post and leave us a comment – will then be able to tag you in tomorrow when we go live innit



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