18 May

Valuable AF Post# 6 of 7

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9 paid traffic tips that anyone (even me!) can use right now…

So we are coming to the close of the week of leverage (aka my team and mentees to write my posts for me lol…we allllllll need a break from Dan from time to time… even me 🤣)

Now Martin Jolley-Jarvis is one half of the JJ’s, aka my mentees for nearly two years

His other half – Sarah Jolley-Jarvis – is going to be here later with all things sales


Well his domain is paid traffic

⁃ he’s rather good, hence the above image to show you coz it’s easy to talk le shite online –

Now this content IS epic and deeply actionable, there’s only one thing I need to give you a heads up on..

My man Martin – as you will see – LOVES an emoji…more than me!


Right over to the man himself…


😲9 takeaways from $346,400 profit in 6 months with Facebook Ads.😲

The surprising truth you’re about to discover is making paid traffic work is as much about your business as it is the ads. 🤯

The reality is paid ads are a powerful way to scale any business, especially when you’re hitting mid 6 figures going onto 7 figure revenue.

Sure it’s a slightly different skill set going from $1000 a month to $1000+ a day in spend.

Yet the principles are the same…

These takeaways will help whether you’re at $1k, $10k or $100k monthly revenue.

Essentially my learnings and insights from a webinar and free book funnel build with facebook ads run at our agency.

✅Takeaway 1: Know your audience✅

Know your audience… Sounds like a basic marketing 101 💩.

It’s scary the amount of people who don’t know their audiences well enough.

For years they’d struggled to make paid traffic work. 😢

Like most they had a fair idea who they were targeting. Yet still hadn’t clearly defined it.

When we dug deeper it became obvious there were two very different avatars.

The guys who had loads of skin in the game, and were looking for the one or two gems that would really accelerate their businesses. 🤔

These guys had total belief, but thought they’d seen it all already.


The beginners who were just looking to get started and need hand holding to make it happen.

These guys knew other people were doing well in the niche, but did not have the self belief or technical knowledge to make it work. 🤯

The problem was all their marketing had been aimed in between the two avatars.

Which meant that the advanced guys thought the info was a little basic and the inexperienced guys didn’t have the self belief or confidence to feel they could achieve it.

We totally reworked their messages having two distinct messages that spoke exactly to the avatar. Not pitching it mid-way between. This meant their ad CTR went from <0.5% to <1.5% average.

Yes it’s basic marketing 101, but amazing how many people skip this step…

Even businesses running multiple 6 figures in revenue.

Changing this allowed us to much better direct the copy on the sales funnel we built too.

✅Takeaway 2: Products✅

Get your products ready for scaling…

Don’t just build a thing and expect it to sell. Most successful businesses (and products) are iterations built over time and experience. ⌚️

To make paid ads work and any funnel profitable you need a good suite of products that sell! 🥳

From low price point entry level to high ticket consulting.

When we started working together they had the high ticket consulting and sales were good for offline activity (in person events etc). They just couldn’t make online work. 🤷‍♂️

Thing is with products, if you’re making sales organically and people are willing to buy, then you’re likely to make sales with paid traffic.

If you can’t sell a product to your market organically then chances are ads won’t improve that.

We knew people wanted their product because they were making sales. 😎

The problem with this client was they didn’t have any lower price point offers.

So it was a steep jump – cold traffic to $10k min, which they’d previously tried to bridge through local events.

So we work with them to test two lower price point offers…

➡️FREE Book (&P&P) Offer.
➡️Webinar To $127 Entry Level Course.

This dramatically dropped the CTA while bringing in money to pay their ads back and getting more people into the pipeline for their mastermind.

I see a lot with entrepreneurs starting out, they have a webinar to a single product.

If that product price is too low, it’s hard to make profit from your ads…

If it’s too high then you have to be a good high ticket closer.

Getting that balance is essential, especially having lower price points for entry level so you can recuperate some of your ad costs upfront.

✅Takeaway 3: Test & Measure Everything✅

It’s so important.

There’s lots out there about split testing.

Testing and optimising ads should be a given. If you’re not doing it then you’re literally letting profit slip through your fingers.

Testing the process is sometimes overlooked!

Not the pages (e.g. headline 1 vs headline 2).

I’m talking about the actual process.

We tested two distinct front end offers.

Free book VS webinar to $127 course

➡️The Free book killed it on CTA $15.83
➡️The CTA for the course was $150.60

On face value the book is cheaper 10x less acquisition cost.


Both were running at a loss…

The problem was getting people to convert straight off the book was more difficult. Jumping from a $4.99 book to an $10k package was a sizeable leap for most people.

Whereas the $127 course made a slight $25 ish loss.


Because we had a $647 upsell which converted around 17% of people.

Meaning they were immediately profitable $86.99 per sale on average.😍

This was the principle component enabling us to fund scaling rapidly from $95 a day to $1080 in 3 months. 🥳

✅Takeaway 4: Retarget Like A BOSS✅

Most people retargeting and there are many different ways to do it.

Here’s how we do it…

We retarget the same offer (in different ways) across multiple audiences on the front end.

✔️All Website Traffic – (anyone who’s visited your site or funnel)
✔️New Leads – (anyone who’s given you their contact details)
✔️Video Views – (anyone who’s watched your videos)
✔️Add To Carts – (anyone who’s looked to buy or book a call)
✔️Completed Registrations – (anyone who’s bought or booked a call)
✔️Engaged Facebook Page – (anyone who’s engaged with your page)
✔️Engaged Instagram Profile – (anyone who’s engaged with your Instagram)
✔️Engaged Ad Or Post (Facebook)
✔️Engaged With Ads Or Posts (Instagram)

Not only that, we do it across multiple timelines 7-14-30-60-90-120 &180 days!

Here’s the thing…

We represented the webinar to page visitors who didn’t sign up for the webinar – this retargeting audience generated leads at $7.56 vs $10.38 on average for cold.

We retargeted all webinar sign ups with the $127 course as a limited time offer.

We downsold too…

If they didn’t buy the $127 course in the time allowed we down sold them to the FREE Book offer.

This simple retargeting downsell cost JUST $10 a day…

We attributed over $30k+ in high ticket sales from this book offer because of post purchase follow up sales calls.😲

✅Takeaway 5: Have a suite of ads….✅

If the foundations are right then your ads will be a success.

Assuming you follow the right process.

Hammering people with sales ads ALL the time is the fastest way to turn off your audience.🤦‍♂️

You want that will presell your prospects so they’re ready to buy.

⚠️We used a suite of ads ⚠️

➡️ Testimonial ads,
➡️ Customer story ads,
➡️ Product walkthrough ads,
➡️ FAQ ads,
➡️ Content lead ads

All designed to establish social proof and credibility
So when they saw the sales ad they were already bought in.

Meaning the prospect was WAY more likely to buy the course AND improved the high ticket conversion rates too. We don’t have exact figures on the increase – sorry.

It also means there were multiple touch points before purchasing.

As you’ll hear time and time again testing is SO important.
We tested hundreds of ads to find the ones that work best. 🚀

One tip for rapid testing is to use dynamic creatives (if you’re not already).

Facebook will test 5 headlines | 5 main body copy | 10 creatives and 5 buttons to bring you the BEST combinations.

It allows you to rapidly discover the ad combinations that are working best. 🙌

You can test a lot of creatives & copy at once for faster results.

You can then dupe the winning combinations out and test more variants around that theme.

Doing this meant we found winning combinations of ads that, once duped out, generated thousands of likes, comments and shares each! 👊👊👊

✅Takeaway 6 – Work On Writing Good Copy Or Hire A Copywriter✅

Copy with your ads is a very important element.

When you’re building funnels and pages then copywriting is an incredibly important skill.

Good copy does take a while to learn.

Over the last 2 years we’ve invested heavily in 1-2-1 training with world class copywriters and it’s paid dividends for our business. 😎

If you don’t have time to learn or writing isn’t your thing then hire one.

We tested straight to a high converting clickfunnels order form Vs longform page copy and the results were obvious.

High converting order form = 11.7% conversion rate
Long Form Sales Page = 23.75% conversion rate💥

That’s insane.

They literally doubled their money and returns from ads.

From this one subtle difference.

Making a HUGE difference to their front end ad profitability.

✅Takeaway 7 – Sales Follow Up ✅

Sales are the lifeblood of any business.

The ones that really do well with paid ads have a team of salespeople to follow up.

At a minimum if it’s just you, get good at selling, then bring on a sales person.

A good high ticket closer is worth their weight in gold. 🏆

This client had a team of 4 sales people, that could follow up all leads and purchases and upsell (even fastrack) to high ticket mastermind or private client.

⚠️ In the first month of running ads one person bypassed the entire funnel (after the webinar) and went from lead to private $30k client. ⚠️

This started with JUST one phone call. 📞

It’s a subtle mindset shift that I see with all clients, like this, who are really making paid ads work.

The ads aren’t the panacea to fixing your business sales problems.

They are a proven and scalable way to feed your business so you can make MORE sales.

Invest in sales training or staff so you can serve the leads that are coming in.

Ads are only ever as successful as your ability to close.🤷‍♂️

✅Takeaway 8 – Know Your Numbers ✅

Knowing your numbers is essential.

When we first started working together their numbers were um… a little sketchy.

Daily tracking of their ad performance meant that we could accurately assess metrics and predict the numbers using Geru.

Tracking & attributing sales was much more difficult.

They had money coming in from paypal, BACS, stripe, cash.

It was a nightmare to track. 🤦‍♂️

Worse… midway through they swapped CRM too, which further added the complexity of attribution.

We used facebook offline events to upload as much data as we could and attribute it wherever possible, including manually. But ONLY for the last 3 months (we didn’t do this before because we didn’t have access to the data.)

If this was an ideal case, the tracking of numbers could have been MUCH better.

The most accurate figure we can get on the back end according to their sales manager is 4.4x ROAR. 🔥

Which is a decent return on top of the front end profits.

Almost everything we could get access to was attributed.

Sadly we didn’t have visibility of everything. The figure could be a lot higher, we have no way of knowing. 🙄

The big learning from this is to use systems that’s easily trackable and one or two method of taking payment (your account might also love you or it).😉

Understanding the data is what drives decisions and when you’re scaling big numbers small decisions can have dramatic impacts on results.

✅Takeaway 9 – Learnings ✅

If I had to do it again, I’d definitely do a few things differently, the tracking above was huge learning.

The other key takeaway was hiring our own creative team. 👩‍🎨

It took longer than we wanted to get creatives off the client and so we hired a creative team in house to build us out more creatives for testing.

This allowed us to test hundreds of creatives rapidly without ever having to wait for the client to send stuff over. 😎

Allowing us to dramatically speed up testing and get results much faster.

This was a big win and we’ve kept the creative team on so we can test lots of creatives without constantly badgering clients in the future.🥰

That’s it…

Hope that’s been useful.


P.S. I was going to shoot for 10, but didn’t see the point creating one more takeaway just to hit a round number. 🤦‍♂️


Ya know what?

I was legit impressed with that, my man MJJ knows his stuff

If you ever need a) paid traffic run for you OR b) you would like to know how to do it yourself?

Let me know and I’ll make the intro or just DM him

They ain’t cheap, but you really do get what you pay for in this space

Plus – because such things ARE important – he’s got a bank is screenshots of ad accounts for proof

No bullshit on this boy eh?

Right, last one coming later from Sarah JJ

Hope y’all enjoyed the week so far!



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