2 Aug

What We Fake In Social Media

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Fake lives
Fake businesses
Fake social media

Fake. Fake. Fake.

I’ve never hidden the fact that I have a unique brain

What I have (hypomania) has taken me years to get under control

It’s a blessing and a curse

One of the side effects is when I’m ‘up’; I can go days without sleep – or very little – have been existing on roughly 2/3 hours a day for 4 days I think now

During this time my mind simply revs faster and faster

I think things through, seemingly making 100’s and 1000’s or connections and solutions

I’ve found myself becoming tetchy during this time and needed a day or so to analyse what I was thinking and feeling

As much as fucking love social media; what it has done for my and so many people in my life

It’s a double edged sword

I see grandiose boasts…

Impossible things claimed as real…

Hollow platitudes with zero depth behind then…

Weak, watered down, copied content…

Fake bullshit everywhere

One thing I’ve tried to do is be as honest as I can; share the realities of last entrepreneurship and share freely

Highs and lows

Wins and losses

And I put my fucking all into what I do; I know I can sometimes be a bit blunt or flippant – but always meant with good nature and a nod towards infotainment

But I’m pissed

I’m tired of people talking such utter Shute on social media

Case in point

You want more?


Fucking HUNDREDS of you wanted to do the content challenge

Only a handful of you actually show up and do anything (fair play to you for doing what you said you won’t do FYI)

Which is – of course – your right

I can’t make you

By the 4th day the lack of action showed totally demotivated me and I NEVER get that

Hence needed time to figure out why I was so pissed

And honestly it’s because I actually do give a flying fuck

But if your actions don’t match your words, then honestly you need to dial down your expectations from life

Because you won’t achieve anything close

How you do one thing?

Is how you do all things

You can kid yourself all you want

But if your not prepared to show up, do the work, and achieve what I truly believe everyone CAN achieve if they put in the time


Please just leave this group now

Because I want this group which will ALWAYS remain free – a promise I won’t break – to be filled with people who actually give a shit

I built a large part of my businesses and career on giving

The responses to questions and poss asking for help and advice in this group – from good people who need help – have been fucking dire

Those of you that take time to help your fellow humans?

I tip my digital hat to you

Fucking awesome

But to those who just take and take and take?


Please leave

This is supposed to be a community of people who may not know either other outside the pixels of social media take toke time to be there for one another

By the main thing it’s about is GETTING SHIT DONE

If you are happy where you are in life and don’t want more money…

More time…

Or more freedom…

Then I’m truly happy for you and – really – would love to hear how you achieved those things

But if you don’t just want, but fucking DEMAND more from life?


Don’t lurk…
Be helpful…
Contribute (yes you’re worthy)…
Don’t just take…

And the main thing?

Don’t be fake

And what I mean by that is don’t be in this group and say you are going to get shit done and then lie to yourself that you actually are

It doesn’t hurt me

I’m fine

It hurts you

This may all sound a bit harsh but fuck it; it’s my daft bearded face up there on the banner and if a few people get butt hurt because of his post BUT it lights a rocket under the rest of your asses

Worthy sacrifices

Entrepreneurship saved my life, secured my sisters future, got a home got my folks and through my work has helped hundreds of thousands of other

I get sad and angry and pissed off with people falling for fake shit and believing this world is easy

It’s not

It can be fucking brutal at times

But if you stay the course it’s the most rewarding thing you can do that can change lives

But I’m done with the bullshit

I’ll continue to show up
I’ll continue to do & create what I can to help
I’ll be here every god damn day

And I hope you will join me in showing up and doing the work

If you have been kidding yourself

I get it

I truly do

I did myself for so many fucking years

Believed all my lies
Believed all my hype

And it took a close friend to call me out on my fake assed actions as they didn’t match my words

It hurt
It stung
But it changed the course of my life

So in closing

This group will always be about you AND me; it’s a community and we are – as far as I’m concerned – in it together

But if you are here just to take, not be an active (no matter HOW small) member of this community, or want to kid me and you that you are doing the work you say you are

Please leave

No hard feelings


And to those of you that actually want to get more out of this group, life, money, freedom – whatever it is that’s drives you

I look forward to seeing your honest asses tomorrow

You are worthy
You are valued
You will be supported

You have my word


PS if you are struggling, need help or advice ASK

I’ll ensure no one makes you feel stupid or any less important than anyone else

We are all equal; some of us just a little fitter ahead and have more skills

And for those of us in that category?

It’s our DUTY to help


Wirte, Blogger, Entrepreneur.

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