23 May

Who Are You

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Had a very deep conversation with a friend today; and if you saw my post on my personal wall – one has been pondering

It’s a simple question

But one of the hardest to answer


Or more importantly


As you know, I don’t mind sharing – highs and lows
– and it was put to miss this (this is me btw)

You are not your bear like body
You are not coffee with Dan
You are not your Rolex
You are not your beard
You are or the goose
You are not your attitude
You are not your content
You are not who are you with
You are not where you go


Who are you dude?

What do you stand for?

What do you believe in?

What do you ACTUALLY want?!?

You know what?

I couldn’t answer straight away

I have been so driven to achieve a level of success – that I’ve forgotten it seems to work on the inside at the expense of the outside

Seems this is quite common in our little entrepreneurial world

Being around people who are more ‘aware’ is definitely different for me and for all my bluster, rage, marketing jazz and coaching?

I’m deep down a quiet shy kid, who liked to fish, read, watch sci fi, be on his own, lift things, and generally am pretty simple

As I said a few weeks ago; I buggered off to Cyprus to work on me – as well as work

And yesterday I had – and you are going to call me such a dick for this – a breakthrough

I need to be on my own – truly – to get to the next level; because only when you truly work ON yourself can you SERVE better

I want to be a better Dan

Honestly, I want to be happier too

I want to do THOSE so I can continue to do THIS; serve my community, my clients and do my best to do my best

I love doing, I fucking LOVE work – but I want to not just do things, but, well, feel things

Sometimes I feel like that side of me is a little muted; and that’s not really normal is it?

No one person, one thing, one experience can replace that

But, No one can do this kind of work for you

I won’t lie – even WRITING this is hard; let alone door it

But I’m going to

Because once you reach a level – and I’ve been ‘here’ for a while – I believe you have to go through some ‘pain’ to get to the next level

Change is scary

But change is good

If you have been stuck at a ‘level’ for a little encourage you to work on YOU – see what happens…..

Quit the nonsense
Quit the lies
Quit the stories you tell yourself
Quit poisoning your body and mind

Go IN, figure out the fuck who you are and what you TRULY want

See what happens

Doing my work, arranging my appointments and doing all the writing for the next day; hence buggering off here for a smidge

Wish me luck, and I wish you the best too….


PS am in a good place; all is well – thing about hard yards – once you have taken them, you can see the finish line 🙂

PPS there is a reason I used this quite, from this film – ‘fight club’ has had one of the most profound effects on me; and since reading the book a year ago – his has been ‘in the post’ for sometime….

PPPS with thanks to Justin Devonshire, Mark Whitehand and Dexter Abraham

Tega D

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