9 Dec

Why Do I Do What I Do?

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In the last few weeks you would of seen a few hundred posts from entrepreneurs all over the globe

As many of you will be aware I was challenging them to get out of their comfort zones and – all being well – make ‘bank’

Now most of you know WHO (family) I’m doing it for

But why?

Maybe that’s something you don’t know and – seeing as I’m getting everyone else to share – I thought only fair I do too

I USED to pretend my way was about having all the things & stuff; baller lifestyle, VIP treatment and shiny stuff

Did that a few times

It was fun

But ultimately was pretty hollow

(Mad how the things that you THINK will make you happy often don’t eh?)

The real reason


I’ve always – ever since I was a kid – felt like I was an outsider looking in

I wasn’t bullied (probably because they gave me a ‘pass’ because of my sister)…

Had friends…

Was actually – in a weird way – vaguely popular

But I continually felt like I wasn’t rememberer; I was easily forgotten and wasn’t malicious but people didn’t remember me for stuff

Kinda hurts in your teens eh?

So I always said to myself if I ever had the chance? I’d do it myself

As a kid I didn’t think people would want to spend time with me on my bday so I hired the rugby club – partnered up with a hot girl in my year – and invited 200+ people

At uni first day everyone was nervous and in their rooms so I thought fuck it knocked on 51 other doors (the whole of my hall) and took myself and 51 other people down the pub

Never wanted anyone to feel like I felt – alone – so thought if no one else would if bring everyone together

Cool kids

Sporty kids

Quiet kids

Weird kids

Naughty kids

I’d get them all together and get them talking

I’ve been doing this my whole life apparently; mum showed me a school report which said:

‘Daniel is a kind child who often puts the needs of his classmates ahead of his own’

And I did

And – give or take – I still do

Yes I care about myself way more than I used to; but I do what I do because it makes me feel good to to make others feel good

That and I don’t want anyone to feel like they have no one

I’ve been there

It sucks ass

– it really does –

That’s why ‘Coffee with Dan’ is as good as it is

Its the reason that ‘Espresso With Dan’ has such crazy low turnover because we actually give a fuck and truly give a shit about everyone – on their own terms – succeeded

But (I like to think) I’ve lead by example to create a community of people who actually give a Fuck about their fellow humans

And ultimately sometimes we all need to be heard, noticed and that there is someone there for us

That’s why I do what I do

Not only because I want to help people achieve th lives they want through the vehicle of entrepreneurship

But so that peeps never have to feel like they have no one to turn to

I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like I did back when I started

So I do what I do so that they don’t

And that’s that



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