17 Feb

Why I’m Doing What I’m Doing

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[So you know why I’m doing what I’m doing and asking what I’m asking]

Recently you will of seen me ask a few Q’s such as:

– what level of biz are you at
– what goals do you have outside of work

Being the last few (and I have a few more to come)

I believe in adding value

– I hope you know this –

But equally as a leader I believe it is my job to LEAD

You won’t find me asking insipid questions over and over again

Ya know why this is done?

1 – engagement, people love talking about themselves

2 – to feign interest thus building up a picture of your issues/weaknesses/obstacles to make closing you easier as you have told them what cracks to insert the knife and twist


For me I try use it to get a ‘lay of the land’ and my ego isn’t so fucking massive that I think I know it all

I don’t

Think of it as a ‘pulse check’

And then subsequent content is in alignment with a) my values and b) the greater good of the group

I will personally DM everyone who took time to comment on the pinned post with the content and a few suggestions depending on where they are at

Will I suggest some work with me?


But I’m fucking open about it

I’ll equally suggest some folks invest in trusted partners

And yes I’ll be telling people who and what to steer away from as well

If you lead a group you have a DUTY to lead with courage and conviction and morals

If y’all JUST doing it to make £££

You don’t have a community as far as I’m concerned

You have a farm

How I see it like this

This is like a digital sea

Time to time I fish

If my bait is right, and I have picked the right spot

I’ll catch some fish

I see a fair few with groups – meh – it’s like they have a captive fish farm

There’s no effort because the fish can’t go anywhere due to the manipulation techniques used and because they have been fed the same (shitty) food every day they actually think it’s good for them

Hence when the food (bait) comes in from a fisherman

They just bite – no matter if it’s good or not

I’m not a greedy fuck; I do well and I enjoy what I do – no desperation from me

So when you see me asking Q’s and figuring shit out?

It’s so I can do my job and serve the masses not so I can prey on your weaknesses

For those that want to be caught – if my bait is good and nourishing – they will bite

May not be the smartest From a making all the £££ point of but fuck it

Sits right with me

So yeah if I think I can help – and I’m the right person to do it – I’ll say

If I’m not, I’ll recommend

But know this

What you a) have seen me ask and b) will see me ask is to benefit the group overall

I’d rather create LESS content that’s fucking gold and actionable than shitty post after shitty post- with a giggle and a competition and a challenge from time to time

Your time is valuable and if ask yourself to engage it’s for you as well as me


Just to show you a little of what’s going on behind the eyes and why I’m doing what I’m doing

Any Q’s ask away, feedback welcomes as well as suggestions

Hope y’all having a good day



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