Why Money Solves Most Problems

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Fight to earn what you need to support the ones you love (and get angry if you’re not)

Today was challenging

Peeps in EWD know as planned to do a live so told em; the goat (my Dad) was back into hospital last few days and shits not fab

But the charming old devil was getting the nurses on side when I saw him so he could get extra treats

– I am my fathers son lol –

We don’t have an extended family

It’s me, mum, goat and my sister spud

That’s it

My family have always been there for me when I haven’t been well, and I’m proud I’m in a position to be able to help them when they need me

They haven’t asked

I’m just handling shit

Which is why I truly urge all of you to work as hard as you fucking can NOW so IF you need it?

You can be there for the ones you love

My mentor Dex said to me not so long ago

‘Money solves most problems’

And it does TBH

It gives you freedom to help those who need it and help yourself as I’m able to next week when shit needs to be DONE

Which is why I always advise focus on looking after your first

Get your own house in order – get paid – THEN look to help others

You simply can’t pour from an empty cup…

And if you’re not in that position?

You need to harness something deep inside to make you do the work that – let’s be honest – you probably don’t want to do

I’m able to help my family NOW because of the YEARS of 5am starts and 1am finishes, 6 days a week, that built the foundation of what I have now

It was exhausting but I just powered the Fuck through

I got pissed off and used that negative energy for good:

I was angry my folks had to work into their 60’s so hard

I was angry at the fact we (as a family) get fuck all help for my sister what other lazy fucks get hand put out after hand out

I was angry that I couldn’t give my family what they needed when they had given me all I got

I channeled that anger into energy and and I worked my ass off


Fuck no

You get balance AFTER the hard yards have been walked

Sure you can have it at now if you want

But you probably won’t achieve all you want to achieve if you do

There needs to be an element of sacrifice if you want to achieve more

– only you can decide at what level you want to play –

But if your maybe a month or two away from being fucked…

If you aren’t where you need to be…

And if people rely on you?

Get angry
Get to work

It will suck ass now, but future you will be be grateful AF


**post posting edit**

PS Realised this could come across as one of those chest beating look at me raaaa alpha bullshit kinda posts

If it does – soz

I’m angry that my fam have to keep getting kicked in the teeth but I’m proud I can step up when they need

I don’t often think when I write I just share what’s in my head or heart

Hope someone got some value from this – appreciate you reading if you did

PPS in the scope of honesty I vaguely look like I have a bicep here so yeah I’m getting mileage out of it #polishedturd


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