27 Apr

Why You Should Join EWD Post# 2 OF 4

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REASONS TO JOIN EWD post #2 of 4

I’m not gonna twist anyone’s arm to get in there.

If you want in?


If you don’t?

Also cool

I’m just gonna use these posts to tell you something about EWD every day this week until Friday and you can make up your own mind

After that?

Ain’t saying a thing about it for a long time

Today, I wanted to tell you specifically what is happening over there in the next 3 months stating next Monday

First up

The team and I have put our heads together and come up with:

‘The 90 Day Extra Care Package”

Obviously, I can’t tell you how long this current shit storm is gonna last

But, it seems like 3 months is a good place to start

That is why, if you join now you only have to commit to 3 months, (not a year like normal)

After 3 months?

You’re more than welcome to stay on a monthly basis, or, if you want, you can leave.

No hard feelings

And that is why we’ve put together this 90 Day Extra Care package.

So that YOU know from the outset that everything you need is gonna be freely available for you

You’ll know that we’ve got your back.

So as well as all the “normal” EWD good stuff

We’ll be doing Hot Seats twice a month (live coaching) and Zoom calls twice weekly

My team have all been prepped and are raring to go, above and beyond the norm (and the norm is pretty fucking good anyway)

See, the plan is not just to help you survive this.

The plan is to help you THRIVE

The second thing that’ll be happening shortly, will be ‘The Virtual ExtravaDANza’

Every year, we have an in person event, last year was the extravaganza down in Brighton

This year we had planned to do something similar in or around Bristol

I was going to call it the ‘ExtravaDANza’ coz #notrightinthehead

But guess what happened?

We all get grounded for 3 months.

So sometime toward the back end of April/start of May we will do my take of a virtual summit (aka better and more fun)

If you’re part of EWD then you will get access to the event

It’s gonna be RIDIK

A whole day of experts giving you their best stuff

And you don’t even have to leave your living room?

An online gathering of hundreds of people in their pants.

But maybe not as….unusual as that sounds!


When this viral fuckery has ended there will be an IRL event

Not sure when or where yet, but it will be a chance for us to all get together, get shit done, and have a bit of a party.

Even if you decide to leave before that happens? As long as you sign up to EWD now, your place is booked.

So there you have it, a couple more reasons to be in

And if you want a link to join?

It’s on the pic

If you want a more personal touch?

Send me a DM and I’ll send you a link




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