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”What actually is Espresso With Dan” she asked, almost in passing, so I told her.

But it got me thinking you might be wondering the same thing.

In short:

EWD is:

The one resource I WISH had when I was building & scaling my first businesses

I legit mean that. Yes it’s my name above the door, but EWD is FAR bigger than me. And I know that if I’d had access to a place like EWD 8 years ago, my life would have been much easier.

You see, at the last count I’ve racked up 3000ish turbo calls.

Not bad hey?

Talking to so many entrepreneurs gives insights into what’s really going on.

Behind the surface.

Behind the smiling selfies.

Behind the “I’m fine” and “Everything’s heading in the right direction”

Because these calls are short, sharp and above all safe.

I get to hear the real story.

I see the REAL problems that entrepreneurs face, and the REAL struggles that people have.

And it positions me to come up with unique solutions to those problems.

And that’s what EWD really is.

Espresso is a membership for entrepreneurs who are committed to getting shit done.

The core of it is The Vault.

Over 300 hours of trainings on pretty much any topic you can think of.

Whatever you need. Whenever you need it.

It’s right there in the vault.

Want to grow an engaged Facebook group full of people who want what you have to offer – we got it

Want to get past those nerves and confidently close deals on the phone – yup, in the vault

Want to get on stage, write a book and deliver your very own online course – we got ALL of that

…and so much more

If we don’t have it? We’ll get it scheduled and bring in a true experts where needed.

Outside of the vault – all the action happens in the Facebook group.

This is the place where you can get rapid answers to the issues you’re facing, connect with experts who have the knowledge and skills to support you and participate in live coaching, challenges, and accountability.

And here’s the important bit.

 We DELIBERATELY keep the group small.

So you can get personal attention and become a REAL part of the community.

Some people just want to get a bunch of members paying them month after month regardless of whether they participate and get anything out of it.

We’re different.

We want you making progress, taking action and getting big results.

For this reason we run with a flexi structure.

Just enough structure to keep you on track and focused with enough flexibility to adapt to members needs and provide the freedom us entrepreneurs need to grow.

It’s all about implementation.

Regular features within the month are Hotseats and Get Shit Done zoom calls.

The hotseats are live coaching calls where myself and the team will get you unstuck fast by solving your most pressing issue.

The Get Shit Done calls are virtual co-working sessions designed to get maximum productivity and make big leaps fast.

We’ve been going for a few years now and over that time we’ve figured out exactly what works.

Of course I’m going to tell you it’s good.

So instead of me telling you how awesome everything is, here’s what members think

I dropped a post into Coffee a while back inviting EWD members to say what they thought about it.

I was overwhelmed with the comments.

They headed over in droves.

Here’s what just one of them had to say…

“EWD is a whirlwind of information and activity there really is everything you need in one place. 

Filled up with positivity, fun, dirty jokes and meme it make getting the best out of yourself fun.

When I joined I was a little lost in all aspects of my life really. Was pushing forward but not really knowing what or why I was doing it. Fuelled by stubbornness and inability to admit defeat.

After a few weeks in the group and going through the ‘core story’ training I realised that I was what was holding me back.

So I asked for help in the group and got pointed to a few people who could help. Each one of them took time to speak with me and find out exactly what I needed.

What happened next literally changed my life forever. I had been struggling with depression and serious lack of self value after a trauma in my childhood.

After a few sessions I was literally a changed man. I had belief in myself and a knew what I wanted out of life for the first time I can remember.

The group and everyone in it then helped me maintain that momentum. I was taking part in the live zoom coaching sessions (worth the yearly fee on its own), the sessions from Dexter and the training in the vault. 

In about 4-5 months I had gone from an individual who felt they had no self worth to transforming my business (or Covid pivot if you are wanky) getting engaged and knowing that if I keep showing up and working I will get where I want to go with this group around me.

You will join the group for Dan.. but it is the people in the group that will make you want to stay.

Special love to Mark Simpson, Leah Butler Smith and Tega ‘the pantsnake’ Digebe for taking time to help me during my short but amazing time in the group.

” – Christopher Ballard”

That right there is the Espresso effect.

Now, here’s the thing.

It’s been a good 9 months since it was last open. We don’t open up often.

Yes, there’s been a couple of small openings here and there.

Filling the space of those who’ve graduated from EWD and moved on.

Beyond that, we simply don’t let people in.

And that’s why it is crucial you act now if you are thinking this is for you.

There’s no telling how long it will be until you get another opportunity.

What if you could access a treasure trove of proven training’s on everything you need to grow your business 24/7?

Here’s a TINY sample of the training that can be found in the EWD vault



FB Ads




Becoming an author


Joint Ventures

Email Marketing

Facebook page growth

Membership sites


Sales Pages



And much more

Seriously, that’s just a FRACTION of what’s in there. I could put it all down here, but aint nobody got time to read a 10,000 word email!

Whatever you need – we’ve got it.

If we don’t? We’ve got the resources & network to make it happen.

There is nothing that you as an entrepreneur could find yourself needing that can’t be sourced within Espresso.

Now, you might be wondering WHY I started Espresso with Dan?

Many of those who follow me know WHO (family) I’m doing it for

But why?

That’s possibly something you don’t know.


I’ve always – ever since I was a kid – felt like I was an outsider looking in

I wasn’t bullied (probably because they gave me a ‘pass’ because of my sister)…

Had friends…

Was actually – in a weird way – vaguely popular

But I continually felt like I wasn’t remembered; I was easily forgotten and wasn’t malicious but people didn’t remember me for stuff

Kinda hurts in your teens eh?

So I always said to myself if I ever had the chance? I’d do it myself

As a kid I didn’t think people would want to spend time with me on my bday so I hired the rugby club – partnered up with a hot girl in my year – and invited 200+ people

At uni first day everyone was nervous and in their rooms so I thought fuck it knocked on 51 other doors (the whole of my hall) and took myself and 51 other people down the pub

Never wanted anyone to feel like I felt – alone – so thought if no one else would i’d bring everyone together

I’d get them all together and get them talking

I’ve been doing this my whole life apparently; mum showed me a school report which said:

‘Daniel is a kind child who often puts the needs of his classmates ahead of his own’

And I did

And – give or take – I still do

Yes I care about myself way more than I used to; but I do what I do because it makes me feel good to to make others feel good

That and I don’t want anyone to feel like they have no one

I’ve been there

It sucks ass

– it really does –

That’s why ‘Espresso with Dan’ is as good as it is

I like to think I’ve lead by example to create a community of people who actually give a Fuck about their fellow humans

And ultimately sometimes we all need to be heard, noticed and that there is someone there for us

That’s why I do what I do

Not only because I want to help people achieve the lives they want through the vehicle of entrepreneurship

But so that peeps never have to feel like they have no one to turn to

It’s because of this…Espresso is unlike any other community you’ve ever come across.

For many members it’s the one place they can fully relax, be themselves, and be truly open.

That’s when the magic happens.

Real friendships are made.

Everyone supports each other.

Questions are asked, advice given, meet ups and joint ventures get set in motion.

And that, is what Espresso With Dan REALLY Is

See you over there!


P.S. As always, if you’ve got ANY questions? Hit me up below or in the DM’s; It’s only me that has access to my inbox, so if there’s anything you wanna ask – fire away 🙂


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