22 Aug


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Today I had the ‘joy’ (aka know as fucking misery) of shopping with the general public.

Due to the fact I have a massive squatters/rugby players arse, big & wide feet, and a thick torso ate BEST finding things on the high street is a challenge at best.

However, I had to brave the masses because my trusty brogues bit the dust, and due to some fancy meetings this week I felt it best to polish up, look smart and what have you.

Im not writing this to tell you my shopping woes, but to get though a point many seem to get wrong.

Those shoes above cost me £300

The last pair of shoes, virtually the same cost around the same.




Now, my ex taught me this principle called cost per wear (which I thought was a GENIUS excuse to buy more shoes!). When I look back these shoes have been to hundreds of meetings, nights out, weddings, piss-ups.

You name it, they have been on my feet.

I have bought shoes under £80/100 before and they are fucked before a year max.

My trusty brogues have been re-heeled, re-soled, new laces, polished and been as good looking as since when I got them out of a box.

But there are two things you can take from this:

Firstly, it’s no different with what YOU choose to invest in – as a rule – the more you invest, the better the quality service and treatment you get.

I went into ‘Schue’ to get some first of all, 7 staff -lazy twats not ONE came to serve me – and I even asked to get someone.


I went to John Lewis? Acknowledged, served and sold in under 7 minutes.

See the different?

Yes, I spent more – but I got what I wanted, at the speed I wanted – was treated with respect, and I feel leaving happy with my purchase.

If you are going to invest in a coach, copywriter, personal trainer, mindset expert, advertiser – whatever – take some time to consider YOUR ‘cost per wear’ for that transaction.

If you think you are going to get expert, genius level business coaching, world class, high converting copy, a fully functional, perfect, body in record time or the most highly targeted adverts paying peanuts?

you are mistaken my dear friend.

Equally, I am HAPPY to pay premium prices to those that DESERVE it – just because you see people espousing the benefits of charging ‘high ticket’ (and yes I have course on that, but it addresses the issues) does NOT mean that everyone, right now, has the right to charge high ticket.

You have to provide value, have skill, time served, ideally proof of your abilities or at the very least be so driven that you are willing to do anything to ensure your customer gets the desired result.

Secondly, things the nicest thing you own:

Could be an amazing pair of shoes (and fuck me women – spending £500+ on something you wear once a year and is painful as fuck?! You mad muggers!! ) a watch (as in my case), a car, a place, your home.

Again, whatever.

how do you feel when you use it?

Pretty fucking good I would imagine!

When you invest in something or someONE of quality, you feel not only better about your decision, but that you are in the hands of a professional, an expert, someone with ‘pedigree’

And to you youngsters (or those who have not put the years in yet to achieve this level) who may be reading this and thinking well Im not there yet?


There is a degree of nobility in getting really fucking good at something – NO ONE charges premium out of the gate, unless they have an innate talent (and you lucky freaks I hate you ha)

We all have to start somewhere.

We all have to learn out craft.

We all start out like a £50 pair of shoes that fall apart after a short while, but – as you develop, and become proficient at your craft?

You too can become a £300 pair of sexy AF brogues 😉

So in closing;

When you are looking to invest in yourself or someone/something – think is it a) worth the money and b) how does it make you feel

End of the day, quality costs


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