12 Aug

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

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Your network is your net worth’ as tired a cliche as it is…

…is true

Having a strong network of folks who are more successful than you, peeps who are doing the same (but kinda different) and ladies/gentlemen/gender neutral pronouns who want to buy your things and stuff

= rather spiffing


I’m going to address the peeps to sell your wonderful wares to on another day

But here are sublime shortcuts to get ahead with successful, influential or socially savvy individuals

This post is somewhat of a ‘buffet’ of ideas; the first section is free methods (that may take a bit of effort) and the second section are paid methods

Pick and mix as you see fit daily, and I’ll give you a some actions to take if you see fit 🙂

– read their content and leave meaningful comments that show you have absorbed and going to take action (‘I needed this’ as a FYI = sucks balls)

– share their content and tag them, and explain to your peeps why they should read

– send them a testimonial of how you have used their content to achieve X or Y

– if you run groups or have an email list, offer them a chance to promote/share their content

– find out what they are into and send them links, forward emails etc

– an opportunity that could make them £/see someone who could use their help; introduce them, broker a discussion, tag em in





Honestly investing in someone’s products and services is THE way to get attention

As with anything (as a rule) more you invest = more their attention you get

I’ll use myself as an example:

But my book?

I’ll thank you

Invest in ‘Espresso with Dan’ I’ll coach you and take you seriously

Spend £1000+

Either over time (be a long term EWD member), have a call with me, be a private client or consulting client

You have my attention

I really hope I don’t come across as a cock womble but time IS precious and as I get older more so; hence the more you invest with me

Then more of my life (because that’s what it is) attention and help I’ll offer you in return

Equally I’ve had people offer to throw money at me; but I find that vulgar – if you think you can ‘buy me’ and in turn control me?


Le jog le fuck le on

This is true of most successful peeps I know

Anyways, here’s a few other paid methods that I have seen work

– find out personally what they love, but it and send it to them

– know their spouse/parents/siblings/children like a thing? Send it to them

– hand written letters and small thoughtful gifts

– invest and through their paid products, coaching, books (whatever) do what they say, share the results socially and offer a testimonial

– donate to a charity or cause that means a lot to them

– offer them experiences and cool shit that may be hard to do (or simply sweet and thoughtful) that they wouldn’t normally be able to do

– be hot 🤣


The free and paid options aren’t exhaustive, alas I am exhausted and these are the best ones that I know

Some advice:

– tenacity is good, annoying isn’t; if you think you’re being a dick? You’re probably right 😉

– do WITHOUT expecting; if you do any of the above and get ‘butt hurt’ that you don’t get what you want? That’s on you

– peeps who have done ‘OK’ are often some of the most kind and generous people who want to give people a leg up. They are also people who miss messages, forget to read emails and have shitty days. People are people no matter how ‘baller’ they are


Some actions to take

1) think of someone you would like to connect with deeper or ‘get the attention’ of; DON’T play small – you will be limited by your own perception of who wants to hear from you

(You don’t have to share who it is)

2) pick a method you would like to do from the above, or a strategy you would like to adopt; FYI the free ones take longer

3) think how you can take the idea or approach and make it different; what are you going to do and most importantly WHEN are you going to do it

4) do it lol


Shy kids don’t let sweets

Good luck


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